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Delhi continued - The Kerala Express - Agra

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Delhi has continued to be the crazy place that Charlie described in the last entry. We have ventured onto main bizarre twice more since the last post and I can confirm it is akin to Oxford Circus on steroids. We have constantly had to navigate our way past fridge magnet sellers, hash peddlers, tye-dye t shirt lovers, candle makers, tailors, Taj Mahal playing card emporiums. We have eaten momo's for the first time, unfortunately witnessed a street dog being beaten by a shop keeper and even seen an old woman sleeping on a temporary landfill sight. Wonderful stuff!

The Kerala Express which took us to Agra was equally 'Indian' - A series of rickety, dirty, royal blue carriages with an array of characters filled our section and kept both Charlie and I entertained all the way to Agra...

...safe to say a three hour journey took six hours!

Agra is quite a special place and the obvious draw is the Taj Mahal which Charlie will update you all on in our next installment :-)

Thanks for all your messages, keep them coming as we like to hear how you are all doing and we want to hear from you all too!

Love to all

Ross and Charlie

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We are loving Delhi

semi-overcast 27 °C

We are still here!.....we have changed hotels to be in keeping with our backpacker budget, partly because we are absolutely loving it here - and also because we are learning very quickly that we just can't get everything done at the pace we are used to. A second attempt at buying our 60 day rail pass, and booking our train to Agra is the order of the day. We have decided to visit the Taj Mahal en-route to Nepal - soooooo exciting. Ross is like a big kid about the train - he can't wait......but I do hope he's not disappointed!

We are so excited by Delhi, we spent the evening on Main Bazzar which is a crazy street of people doing just about everything imaginable - weeing, cooking, singing, touting, tooting - motorbikes in all directions alongside rickshaws - the wealthy and the destitute all contributing to an atmosphere that made us grin from ear to ear - this has to be the most sensory-stimulating City I have visited. It's an indescribable concoction of organised chaos.

We are definitely settling in to the budget way of living. We're actually very happy with our tiny room,just off the main bazzar.....though arriving here was probably a similar experience to how I imagine one checks into prison. We were given a toilet roll each, with a small wrapped bar of soap inside, on top of a small towel. Incredibly friendly people here - they cannot do enough for us.

Good news, we now have a camera which, when we have a moment, we'll learn to use and start posting pics ;-)

bye for now.xxx

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Arrived safely in Delhi!

overcast 25 °C

We have arrived safely in Delhi to smog, craziness and very friendly people! Our journey from the airport to the hotel was memorable - Ross described it as a Sooty & Sweep van..... with at least one flat tyre, no suspension and a broken hair clasp later, we arrived at our hotel in one happy piece.

Today has been spent around the pool, and we're now off for our first night out to discover Delhi.....

No photo's as of yet as the Heathrow T5 Dixons Advisor sent our minds spinning, if only she had taken breath, she may have had a sale.

Love to all.xxxx

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November 5th - AKA D day...

Our journey will begin in little over two months...

...needless to say we are both very excited by our adventure away together.

Please use this blog to follow our year abroad and keep abreast of the places we visit.

Ross and Charlie

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