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Los Angeles was always one of the destinations that fascinated me most before we embarked upon on this trip. The fascination was not really to do with an overwhelming desire to see the city and sights, but more to do with the fact that I was really curious about the people. Would they be as animated and crazy as I had envisaged them to be? Would every seemingly insignificant daily task be a melodrama broadcast on TV? I could not wait to find out!

Staying in an art deco hotel, the Cecil, in Downtown (10th street and Main) we were officially staying in the historical district of LA. Although if I am honest - the way the city is sliced up into districts, the cynic in me thinks, this is a ploy by the city council to make the relative parts of the city seem more appealing to the tourist population. This historical district was clearly on the juncture of the nicer side of LA and the slightly more run down suburban areas and the atmosphere from our arrival to departure was certainly one of an underlying tension. It was hard to actually put your finger on what that tension was but suffice to say I have never quite seen such a big city with so few people on the streets. It was eery to say the least!

Either way, Charlie and I were determined to explore and see the infamous Hollywood boulevard, Santa Monica and also whilst we were in town get to an ice hockey game. If I am honest Hollywood was very underwhelming. Aside from Charlie getting to see Matt Damon's star on the boulevard, the place was very commercial and slightly soul-less and after one hour of jet lagged cement-star spotting we headed back on the metro to our hotel.

The ice hockey on the other hand was actually good fun. 18,000 over the top American sports fans packed into the Staples centre to see the LA Kings defeat the Nashville predators 4-2 was quite entertaining. Unfortunately both Charlie and I were firmly in the grips of jet-lag driven sleep deprivation by now and we left a short way into the third quarter with the scores locked at 1-1. It was great to see a live home grown American sport though!

On our last day we thought it would be fitting if we could get to a real diner. Charlie sourced one out in Santa Monica (Cafe 50's) and we headed over there for our last lunch. Unfortunately the club sandwiches did not quite live up to the billing and the turkey, gravy and mashed potato that turned up on Charlie's plate left us both gobsmacked. Not in a good way either! On the plus side, the chocolate milkshakes were superb and we got to see two young tykes pepper spray each other in the face on the metro home. Every cloud!

Ross and Charlie

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