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Kata, Karon and Kamala beaches - Lazy days

sunny 38 °C

Just a quick update, we have visited the aforementioned beaches in and around Phuket. Kamala beach has probably been the quietest and nicer of the three but having said that all three are stunning! Kamala has been very peaceful and as you will see from the photographs we have had most of the beach to ourselves. We have also had a few Thai massages to help ease the burden of sunbathing and these have been well earned after our first months' travel.

We are off to Mai Khao (slightly further north) on Tuesday for some basic beach hut accommodation. The huts are tiny bamboo structures on the beach and are very primitive. We are also looking forward to this mini Robinson Crusoe adventure and this will lead us nicely up to Christmas.

We very much hope everyone at home is enjoying the Christmas build up. We have seen a few Christmas trees here and who knows what we'll be doing, eating and drinking on the day itself, but for now, life is a beach!

Thinking of you all shopping, going out and having fun. We will try to contact as many of you as we can on Christmas Day. (Quick note to family, 4 postcards from India have been sent in total, but there seems to be a lag, please let us know when/if(!) they arrive).

Love to everyone,

Ross and Charlie.

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Bowling out of Bombay

36 °C

We have left India early due to needing the sun and also because we have finally has enough of the 'Indian' way. Although our journey so far has been great, India has been largely frustrating. We have had a good time in Mumbai but decided to call an emergency board meeting. I know what you are all thinking; tough decisions need to be taken. What will the intrepid duo do next? Well, I will tell you, we have tackled this problem head on and decided to jet out to Thailand. Phuket to be precise. What a liberating choice that was to make too! Ah, I almost forgot, the 'tan-off' has also commenced. Charlie has little chance of winning this though...

...Actually, Charlie won the inaugural competition back in Menorca in June. So my chances of taking the title are slim. Anyway, where was I, oh yes - India! Can you believe it, we tried to get tickets for the third one day cricket international between Indian and the West Indies and they were priced at near on £100!! The Indian Cricket board have been complaining in the press about empty stadiums and the Indian public not supporting their national sport. What do they expect?? The average wage in Mumbai is well under £10,000 per year and the average annual salary for the rest of the country far lower than that. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the social illogic we have encountered. This is all of course part of the greater journey we are on, and also a big learning curve for us both, but we are glad to have moved on.

Thailand has been great so far; the people charming, the food very tasty and the beaches simply gorgeous. Charlie will give you a full update on our island hopping in 36 degrees heat!!

Ross and Charlie

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