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Superstars in the Pink City!

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After the chaos of Agra, Jaipur has offered a little more of the India Charlie and I were really hoping to see. Jaipur, or the Pink city as it is referred to, is a bustling and sprawling city with masses of shops, stalls, and markets selling anything and everything from second hand keys and electrical goods to scholars books and sweets. The people of Jaipur are much more friendly and have given us less hassle than the previous two destinations - this is certainly something which both of us are grateful for after the initial hustle and bustle of the early stages of our trip.

Our visit to the central museum and park was quite hilarious. I was firmly in the grips of Delhi belly (having not eaten for a day or two) and Charlie in the early throws of a chest infection - both of us were enjoying a rather peaceful afternoon in the park, taking things as easy as possible. And then, it happened, Charlie was descended upon by the 34th Jaipur Scout and Girl Guide troupe/pack. Charlie had become an instant minor celebrity - photos were taken, more photos were taken, Charlie dressed in scarf and beret, Autographs sought, kisses asked for!! It was all too much. I asked for calm, insisted the masses talk to her agent. I did not have the authority to deal with this kind of pressure...

...What would Baden Powell do? Quickly I gave the three fingered salute - it worked! Charlie was free from their evil clutches. Wait a minute, no, it had backfired - they came towards me, a 60 legged monster all beret and shorts. More photos sought, ques for handshakes, reef knots tied! What had I done?!! We embraced the leaders, told them stories about London, had our photos taken and pleaded for our freedom. It worked, we were free!

All in all - It was a surreal experience. Being in the minority is strange, fun, and also a little odd. However, being minor celebs for half a day was rather cool! I know what Peter Andre and Matt Cardle feel like now. Ahh the glamour of it all :-)

Next stop Jodhpur (the Blue city)...

Ross and Charlie xxx

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"CELEBS" 'izit'? no surprise there then.

I expect when I see you Ross, you will have the 'Andre Abs'.
I love the photo of the scouts with all their smiley faces and wonder if Charlie has 'signed up'.

Keep the photos comming,
Lots of love to you both, Mum xxxx

by lee day

Hilarious! After reading your blog and viewing the photographs, we feel a song coming on.....Ging Gang Gooly Gooly Gooly Gooly Whatcha Ging Gang Goo Ging Gang Goo. Dib, Dib Dib, Charlie.
It was lovely hooking up with you both on Skype the other day and, colonic problems apart, you both looked really well.
The blog makes tremendous reading, so keep the stories coming.
Love to you both, stay safe, Mum and Dad B xx

by vancoevorden13

Love all the stories...keep 'em coming. Get some more pics posted up. Take care xx Alix, Cat, Alba and Samba

by Lansdowne Crew

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