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Bad Food, the Taj Mahal and some nutty natterers!

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As we write this from Jaipur(we are playing catch up with the blog!), we feel relieved to have left the heavily touristy Agra....no surprise there really though - it is home to probably the most beautiful building Ross & I have ever seen. Like proper enthusiasts, we were up at 5 am on Saturday to collect our tickets and queue in the dark - so exciting and I really didn't know what to expect or how we would react because we've both seen so many photographs of the Taj. Walking through the gates sent shivers all over and once we were in the grounds and away from the initial other early risers, we both felt we were in a very special place. The highlight being the water at the back of the Taj, watching the sunrise and the birds circling - this has to be the most relaxing moment we have experienced so far....heavenly.................unlike the food in Agra - just awful. We have both never eaten so functionally in our lives and I have never witnessed Ross eat so fast - partly because we are famished but I think he just wanted to get the experience over and done with. Each restaurant offers 'continental' (pizza, omlette, chips) 'chinese' (spelled American Chopsy - not kidding), Indian (bland, cold indian food like we've never had before). We have eaten like this for four days....boredom and constipation in equal measure....nice!

Aside from the Taj Mahal, two good things happened. We met an incredibly interesting Man called Deep (who later greatly assisted us in getting out of this gastronomic hell) and who had the most amazing stories to tell as well as plenty of travel tips. Deep was the only cafe owner with wifi who was happy to stay open without fleecing us in such a touristy area, and he also made the best Masala Chai. He also seeemed to like us a lot but my gosh he liked to natter....more than me!

We also met Chris, a seasoned traveler from Hamburg who was on the last leg of a solo trip for 13 months. So, as you can imagine, he liked to natter too. Nonetheless, he was a sphere of knowledge and though he knows absolutely nothing about either of us, we know loads about him and all the places he's been which will no doubt help us greatly on our journey ahead.

We took a train to Jaipur last night at 17.30, arrived here dead on 22.30 to a much calmer City compared to Delhi. Aggressive touts and tuk-tuk drivers have learned the art of persistence, so we have had to up our game! We are staying in our first historical pad.....a 2 star Haveli complete with original features, stained glass and Indian charm at it's finest. Best place we have stayed so far, 4km outside the City - makes all the difference.

We will update you all on today's events (hilarious) tomorrow....

Family: Post cards have been sent to the littlens and the oldies from Agra.... please let us know if/when you get them!

Glad to see more of you subscribing to our blog. We are still having problems attaching all our photo's but here's a few for now.

Take care all,

Charlie & Ross.

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Reading through your blogs, we thought, what fantastic experiences you have crammed into less than two weeks. Can you imagine the tales you will both have to tell when you get home.
Now we have figured out how to leave a comment, we will return.
Stay safe, love to you both, Mum and Dad B

by vancoevorden13

Hello again, glad to hear that yo are staying in a nice place and I expect Charlie has done her usual photo stint of all the interiors...looking forward to that. Love the photos of the Taj, so atmospheric.
Seems the travel journal will be full in no time as you have done so much already.

Georgie sends his love,

keep enjoying and keep safe.
Lots of love to you both
Mum xxx

by lee day

Love it :)
Sounds like your having an amazing time!
Had pretty rough week with kids being poorly & nxt 2 no sleep but fingers crossed thru the worst of it!
We go away on Monday for a few nights 4 ashs 30th - can't wait!
Not much else 2 tell but loving the blogs & pics
Miss u heaps & love u lots xxx

by StephieB

I'm hoping both Deep and Chris made it into the "Travellers I met and liked' book! I'm enjoying reading about your adventures... X

Danielle X

by DMunday

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