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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone from Bangkok

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Hope everybody enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day and that you're all suitably merry on sherry, mince pies, port, turkey, duck, roast potatoes, red wine, more red wine, cheese, biscuits....the list goes on.....seriously though, I hope you all had a lovely time with family & friends. As you can probably tell, we missed you all .... and our Mum's cooking....Christmas Day was strange to start with - on Long Beach, Krabi, but it turned into a fun evening with a Thai Buffet and the most cheesy karaoke evening!

We were staying in another 'beach hut set-up', an upgrade on the last place in terms of hut style, run by a Thai couple, their adorable daughters, and pack of dogs - most of which we fell in love with. We made a great unit of buddies to enjoy christmas, and though it may not mean much to you all, I feel I need to mention them as we spent a week with them (including christmas) all and wouldn't want to forget..... We met a South African couple (Beronese and Kelvin) who we did some book swaps with (we definitely got the better deal, I think!) intelligent and energised, they will be moving to the UK to study the classics at Oxford or Cambridge, yet us mortals managed to have a deep a meaningful with them about SA politics across our verandahs.....nice!

A great Aussie group of 4 - Heather, Lockie, Irin and Robbie (the latter being a heavy bearded, full figured gay and proud guy who loves singing Mariah and Britney in a hilarious tongue in cheek way - made our Christmas evening). They also saved our bacon when we travelled to our hut by boat - the Thai boatman couldn't get near enough to shore, so we arrived in an eery 'Lost-like' style, the sea up to our knees, complete with backpacks, bags and the like...without these guys to help us with our bags, it could've been interesting.

Sara Marie (Northern Nutter who likes to tell you how much she's spent on 'looking as good as she does') complete with her two guys - it took us 3 days to work out if they were her sons, brothers, lovers or cousins......we got there in the end - nonetheless they were a very entertaining 'family'.

A mad french woman with a very kind heart, her husband and their two punchy kids.

Two Finnish guys who were working at our camp while earning their keep so they could practise their Thai Boxing in the evening - think Eurotrash, techno bling dressed guys, with tribal tats and bad undercuts, complete with mean faces - you're getting the picture.........but the biggest softies who would greet us in the morning with comments like, 'hi there......vell, vat a bootiful morning sit is' They were a bit odd

So that was our Christmas - an electic mix, not forgetting the Thai owners who were way too enthusiastic about Karoke including Sang Som from the bottle drinking Grandma who loved kissing everyones kids; and camouflage army-gear wearing Grandpa who just loved to party. Ross kept calling out 'fire in the hole....' which he wasn't bothered by, thank goodness.

On our last day, I inadvertently became Doctor Doolittle, broke up a dog fight that left Tofu with a bleeding face (Ross applied the Iodine perfectly) and then fed and watered a very very young pup that had got separated by it's Mum, before the French husband got on a moped and returned it to her in the woods.......
The place felt like a commune at times (in a good way), everyone waved us off as we left with the french lady calling out.....'you two are soo lucky, so so lucky - what a fantastic adventure, just brilliant' - she's right, and we have to keep pinching ourselves. This was the first time we had left a place with any emotion, as when travelling, once you're ready to leave, you just go and get excited about the next chapter.

We arrived this morning to wonderful Bangkok via a 13 hour night bus. Jaded but excited to be here for new year, we're staying in a great little Danish-run guest house and have met another lone traveller - Henry from Holland, who has given us some great tips for our trip into Laos.

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you all enjoy the celebrations wherever you'll be. We'll be watching the lantern festival and fireworks on the banks of the Chao Praya River.......

Tonight, Ross will thrash me at pool...:-)

Love to you all,

Charlie & Ross

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That all sounds fantastic! I love the photos.

It's so nice to hear that you have met some interesting people and I hope that continues. As for little Tofu....he's lovely and I bet he will miss you.

Lots of love to you both
Mumm xxxx

by lee day

What a wonderful experience, such colourful characters and we can understand your emotions being nudged as you left.
We'll raise a glass to you both on new year's eve and wish you both and everyone who reads your blog, an exciting, healthy and fulfilling 2012.
Much love to you both, stay safe,
Mum and Dad B xx

by vancoevorden13

Oh Charlie ! Finally I've worked out how to leave a comment (not complicated - I know) What a fantastic journey you & Ross are sharing..I've sooo enjoyed reading about your experiences and the wonderful characters you've met recently in Thailand especially. I LOVE Tofu...can he come home with you?? He must be missing you. I'm so glad you're over the dreaded 'lurgie' Charlie - that sounded horrible, but in the past now.
Looking forward to next installment of blog - lots of love and A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both xxxxxxJill (shepee lady)

by shepee lady

You are having a fantastic time by the sound of it and you are looking well. I would like to echo the sentiments made by Mum and Dad B. We'll also raise a glass to you both this evening and tomorrow we'll get Nan and Aunt Maureen to leave a message for you too, as they are staying with us tonight.

Happy New Year to both you and to all of your readers!

Love Dad, Chris, Tom and Harriet xxxxx

by John and Chris

hi charlie and ross. your adventure sounds great, meeting some weird and wonderful people, "bit like us at home", but nevertheless great. im sure you have seen some wonderful places and enjoying every minute. best wishes to you both, have a wonderful new years celebrations and all the best for 2012. love tracy martin and gang xxxxxx

by John and Chris

Hi Charlie and Ross, what a lovely experience you are having. It's lovely to read all your texts and messages and thank you for the postcards; I'm keeping up with the map. I hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year. We've had a lovely Christmas at Tracy and Martin's and a good new year at Dad and Chris's. Take care of each other, love and god bless, Nan xxxxx

by John and Chris

Hello Charlie and Ross - you know that I'm now in England spending christmas and new year with the family and I have been hearing about this fantastic trip that you two are making. It is some experience and a trip of a lifetime for you. I wish you both a very healthy and happy new year and Dad will keep me posted on all of your future destinations.

Love Auntie Maureen - god bless you both xxxxx

by John and Chris

Hello both, and Happy New Year!

I actually sent you a message a couple of weeks ago but it remains unread - I know you're technically challenged Charlie, so Ross please lend her a hand! Glad you're still enjoying the adventure and Christmas went well; looking forward to hearing what you did for New Years. Ours consisted of champagne and Jools Holland with a view over London of the fireworks...not quite as fabulous as I'm sure yours was but wonderful for us following a 12-hour journey back from the Alps.

Take care and keep us updated!


by CharlotteDixon

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