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Transit days

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We have now experienced a number of transit days - days getting from one destination to another. This is fascinating, frustrating, enjoyable, and tiring in equal measure. Our last journey from Mai Khao to Krabi long beach was as interesting as any of the others before it; a beach walk followed by golf buggy drive, coach journey, auto tuk-tuk ride and finally a long tail boat to the shores of our new derelict beach destination. Safe to say these modes of transport have been surreal, exciting and tiriring in equal measure.

The average transit day starts with Charlie and I packing up everything we own into our travel bags. This process is becoming more well oiled though, clothes are getting rolled - not folded, more space is being utilised in our day bags, dirty towels disposed of and bagzips taking extra burden of weight in smaller compartments. We really are starting to get into the swing of this back-packing malarky. Exciting stuff hey!

Invariably the cost of travel is normally quite varied, a three hour coach journey yesterday (about 110km) cost us 3 quid each whilst the long boat (5 mins) cost us 2 quid each. Sometimes there is little rhyme or reason as to the cost of travel but this is all part of the greater experience.

The number of modes of transport, borders crossed, frustrations yet to be experienced, hunger, tiredness and surreal journeys will no doubt increase. This is always exciting and for one day every eight or nine days this will be our commuting routine for the next ten months.

Ross and Charlie

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Glad you've reached your Christmas destination ok, although the travel methods sound bizarre to say the least. We are pretty well set for our own Christmas and are looking forward to our 'Skype' with you both on the great day (provided there are no computer glitches!) Mum bought a mechanised Santa that sings merry christmas (I think we showed it to you when we last 'Skyped') We took it over for Ollie yesterday and he was underwhelmed. He was more interested in an old bit of red wrapping paper that Anna had given him. There I was, prancing around with this singing santa in my hands and Ollie's look seemed to say, 'What's that senile old fool doing?'
Stay safe and keep on enjoying your shared odyssey.
Merry Christmas.
Love, Mum and Dad B xx

by vancoevorden13

Have a 'Happy Krabi' Christmas

Lots of love, Mum xxxx

by lee day

Hi to you both - interesting travel experiences, to say the least. Still sounds like you are having fun and your Christmas Day in Krabi promises to be something special.
Jack arrived unexpectedly from Singapore and will be with us on Christmas Day; don't worry we'll send him back so he's there when you arrive for a long hot bath/shower and a bed.
Will we be seeing you on Skype on Christmas Day?
Lots of love from us all and have a very Merry Christmas.

by John and Chris

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